Friends with Benefits Learn about Friends with Benefits - the Host Burgers way.

Have Questions?

How does it work?

If any Host Burgers customer knows someone who is thinking about signing up for website hosting then Host Burgers is pleased to offer you both a great benefits.

Get your ‘Host Burgers Friends’ code here, give it to your friends and when they sign up as a customer you will receive 20% of every invoice paid to Host Burgers.

How much could I earn?

As long as you keep referring friends, you keep earning 20% from each customer.  So if you have 100 friends paying for the deluxe package @ £5.99/m then you will get a whopping £118.00 per month.

What if my friends leave Host Burgers?

If your referral leaves Host Burgers then we will no longer be invoicing them. 20% of £0.00 = £0.00.  Nice try though 🙂

What if my friend forgets to use my link?

Don’t worry, just send an email to and we will sort the referral out manually for you.

I still don't understand

Don’t worry, just send an email to with any more questions you have and we can explain it to you so you understand.